What you can expect

Dedication to quality, meaning we will go the extra mile. Safety considered, we crawl the extent of the crawlspace, traverse the roof and navigate the attic. We provide high quality pictures for each item listed in the report. Reports are always sent within 24 hours of the inspection completion. In addition, we offer a free client phone consultation anytime after the inspection to resolve any questions or uncertainties regarding the report.

No need to worry

Seeing an in-depth inspection report can be overwhelming. That is why we are dedicated to offering a service which helps you gain the understanding and the tools to work closely with your real estate agent to make the best decisions. We make sure to answer any questions you or your agent may have during our on-site summary, so you can move forward with confidence.

Knowing what to look for

When receiving a home inspection, you want an inspector with experience. Our inspections are performed by a Washington State licensed inspector with years of experience in and a passion for home renovation and home improvement. An understanding of building practices, experience in repairing defects and failures, and insight into what may be going on beneath the surface of the home are all extremely valuable. PNW Integrity Home Inspection brings all this to your home inspection.

Let's work together

Get the most value from your home inspection, and from your home. Ask us any questions you may have during the on-site summary, and take advantage of our free phone consultation well after your inspection.

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